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Care, maintenance and return

We want your car life to be easy. Here we've gathered the most important things when driving a company car from NF Fleet.rån NF Fleet.

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We want your car life to be easy

On these pages, we have tried to gather the most important and most requested information so that you easily and clearly see what needs and should be done with your company car. By taking care of your car and following routines and intervals, you also minimize the risk of incurring unforeseen costs when the car is returned.

Top 4 things during the agreement period:

  • Take care of the car both inside and out continuously
  • Follow the manufacturer’s service plan and always service the car at an authorized brand workshop
  • Check the car regularly so that you can detect any damage early. Damages need to be reported to the insurance company as soon as possible (usually within one month from the time of the incident). Then contact an authorized brand workshop for any action.
  • Make sure that everything is included in the return of the car (see our checklist in the section "Return of the car" below). This way you save both time and money. You would be surprised if we told you how many people fail to return a set of tires, an extra key or the luggage cover.

Maintenance, service & care


Service the car according to the manufacturer’s instructions..

In the car’s service book, you will find information about what applies to your particular car. You are also always welcome to contact our technical department on 08-501 123 40 or to your car dealer.

By following the service interval of your company car, you ensure that guarantees are kept valid and avoid unnecessary depreciation due to missed service.

You are responsible for the service being carried out on time in accordance with the regulations and you are also the one who contacts the authorized workshop for a time that suits you. When the service is done, check that the service book is filled in and stamped.

In recent years, more and more manufacturers have become tougher in their warranty terms with the fact that service must be performed according to the instructions. Guarantees thus cease to apply if the service isn’t performed in accordance with the regulations. In addition to the cost it entails, the car’s function and safety can also be affected, something that can entail a risk for the person driving the car.

.. and service the car at an authorized workshop for the car

With the help of My NF Fleet you can see which authorized workshops you have closest to you. Don’t hesitate to contact our technical department or your car dealer if you need assistance.

Guaranteed service time

As a driver of a company car from NF Fleet, you are guaranteed a service time within a certain time frame at our brand authorized partners. Through this link you’ll reach a list of what applies to each car dealer, workshop and brand.


The tyre workshop checks the wear on the tyres at each tyre change. We would recommend you to also examine the tread depth on the tyres yourself at regular intervals. By law, the tread depth must not be less than 1,6 mm on summer tyres and 3 mm on winter tyres.

You should also check the tyre pressure regularly. With the right pressure in the tyres, your car rolls better and consumes less fuel. If you are driving your car with 80 % of the recommended pressure, your fuel consumption will increase by 3% and the tyre life will decrease by a fifth. Recommended pressure for your car can be found in the instruction manual.

Regardless of whether you let a tyre workshop change your tyres or if you change them yourself, the wheel bolts should be re-tightened after five to ten metric miles.

Daily care

As a driver you are responsible for keeping the car in good condition, e.g. that the car is washed regularly and that oil, tyre pressure and lamps are checked on a regular basis.


When it’s time for inspection, you’ll receive a requsition from us well in advance of the due date. You book your inspection yourself to find a time and place that suits you.

Did you know?

By notifying and repairing any damage before returning the car, you minimize the risk of possible damage billing in connection with the termination of the contract.

My NF Fleet

My NF Fleet - your help on the way

Avoid remember-notes with mileage and dates, report your driver's journal directly in our app My NF Fleet.

Are you traveling abroad with your company car? The documents you need are just a few taps away. Do you need to order or block a fuel card? Have you had an engine stop? Or do you wish to find your nearest workshop? My NF Fleet gives you practical tools and access to information wherever you are.

My NF Fleet can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

With My NF Fleet you can, among other things:

  • Keep and report your driver's journal
  • Report congestion taxes and infrastructure charges
  • Find the nearest workshop
  • Manage your fuel cards and see your refueling
  • Order a foreign permit and a green card
  • Report a damage
  • Get roadside assistance

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Are you a Fleet Manager?

As a Fleet Manager you can access reports and information about your fleet in the app.


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Insurance & guarantees

If you have any questions regarding damages and insurance, please contact NF Fleet’s insurance department.

If an accident should occur, it’s important that you report your damage as soon as possible to the insurance company that handles the damage guarantee for your car brand. Some insurance companies require that a report must be made within one month from the date of the accident, otherwise they won’t reimburse you for the damage. You can easily fill in an application online in My NF Fleet.

Do you have a stone chip or need to change your windshield?

Book an appointment with Carglass on +46 (0)771 57 55 75 or via this link and they will also handle the claim for you.

Do you have questions regarding your insurance?

Please contact our Customer Care Team on 08-501 123 60.

For whom does the insurance apply?

The insurance applies to the car regardless of who drives it. But, if you are going to lend the car to another driver, you should have it approved by your employer.

Return of the car

The car must be returned in contractual condition, otherwise a liability arises for the lessee. What is accepted as normal or abnormal wear, you will see examples of below.

When the car is returned:

  • The service book must be filled in by an authorized workshop from all service occasions
  • Any damage must be repaired
  • The car must be cleaned inside and out
  • Vehicle documents must be available (instruction manuals and service manual)


When you return your car, it must be washed and cleaned. In addition, all equipment that belongs to the car must be included, here is a checklist to reduce the risk that you forget something upon return:

 - All keys and any alarm boxes
 - The car’s service and instruction manuals
 - Summer and winter tyres on original rims
 - Spare wheel and/or tyre repair kit/puncture kit
 - Any equipment such as locking sleeve for lockable wheel bolts, zipper wrench, luggage cover etc
 - Remote control for heater
 - Clear the car of your personal data, such as connected devices, contacts, GPS addresses etc
 - Don’t forget your personal belongings!

Many drivers fail to return extra set of keys and the luggage cover – something that can cost not only time but also money. Make sure you’re not one of those affected.

Does your car have any damage?

If your car has damage, including glass damage, it’s important that you repair it before returning. If you choose to return a damaged car, we will charge the driver's employer for the repair cost - regardless of whether it has been reported or not.

If any damage should occur close to the contract end date, and can't be repaired in time, you can choose to extend the contract until it's been handled. In that case you will be charged for the continued lease period until the damage is repaired and the car is ready to be returned.

If you want to read more about our guidelines for how wear and tear is assessed and which damage may be charged, you’ll find more information in our assessment criteria which you’ll find here.

Place of return & return form

  • If you’re about to pick up a new car, leave your old car at the car dealer where you pick up your new car.
  • If you’re only returning your car, without picking up a new, leave your car in the car park with your employer, unless you have another agreement with your contact person with us.

Remember to let us know where your returned car is parked. The best way of telling us is by filling in our return form.

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Test of returned car

Once you have returned your car, it will be inspected by an independent test and valuation company. Based on the criteria in our return guide, a technician assesses the condition of the vehicle and distinguishes between wear and tear and damage that may be charged to your employer. During the inspection, an inspection report is made and all possible damage is documented with text and photos that are saved, stored and archived. All returned cars follow the same procedure.

During the inspection:

  • The car is inspected on the inside and outside
  • The car is photographed
  • Everything that may need to be fixed is documented
  • A preliminary assessment is made of what the repairs will cost

Wear that is considered accepted isn’t charged. Wear and tear that is considered not normal, however, affects the car’s value and will therefore be charged according to the test protocol that has been established.

If repairs are necessary, they are done cost-effectively, taking into account the age and mileage of the car.

Age and mileage affect the assessment of:

  • Scratches on the body
  • Stone chips
  • Wear on upholstery and interior
  • Wear on steering wheel and gear lever

The inspection is documented and all damage is photographed. The test protocol where this information is included can then be emailed to you as a customer upon request.

Assessment criteria

Through the link below, you will find the guidelines on the basis of which your company car will be assessed upon return. These criteria are a complement to the general conditions.

The damage inspection is performed by an independent valuation company. The technician assesses the condition of the vehicle and distinguishes between accepted wear and tear and not accepted that may be charged to the lessee. A report is made of the inspection and any damage is photographed.

Remember that damage that is not accepted must always be repaired before returning the car. In all cases, all damages must be reported within the time stated in your warranty certificate. Through the link below you can see what counts as accepted and not accepted wear and tear.

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